What does it mean when a pool is resurfaced?

Pool resurfacing normally takes approximately 5-7 days to complete. The pool resurfacing procedure may be hindered by means of weather, but, and may take in to 14 days in sure instances.Types of Pool Finishes


Plaster is a combination of water, marble sand or limestone, and white cement. It’s carried out in your pool using a flat, rounded-area trowel. pool remodel However, it’s no longer constantly white and may be dyed to restore a one-of-a-kind color scheme.

It’s extremely low-cost in comparison to other resurfacing options, plus it’s classic, easy, and stylish. However, it’s hard to touch. Algae loves plaster, so that you’ll want to do weekly upkeep and acid wash every 3-5 years.


Aggregate finishes are crafted from a aggregate of substances, like pebbles, glass beads, quartz, and cement.

Once implemented in your pool, contractors will wipe off the pinnacle layer of plaster to unveil the pebbles.

There are two types: uncovered and polished. Exposed is whilst the pebbles are entirely revealed, leaving a bumpy finish or texture. On the opposite hand, polished produces a smooth texture, so the floor is polished flat.


Usually fabricated from porcelain, stone, or glass, tile is likewise a famous desire. You may even blend the styles of tile inside your pool.

Either glazed, hand painted, or textured, this surface gives your pool a more upscale look. You’ll generally see tile most often on the waterline of a swimming pool.

If you’re looking for a extra herbal impact, tile is a exquisite way to incorporate that look.

Best of all, it’s simpler to smooth than aggregate.

The first step of the swimming pool resurfacing manner is draining the pool. We will send an worker to prepare the site and drain your swimming pool and/or spa.

We will verify that all lights are working and tag them with a yellow tag that reads “do no longer turn on even as your pool is empty.”

We will then flip off all your equipment, and drop a submersible pump into your swimming pool to begin draining it.

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