Visit Bonaire| Travel Guide & Tips

Best time to go to Bonaire

The excellent time to visit Bonaire is not managed by using climate however the wide variety of vacationer. Bonaire has a median day by day temperature yr spherical of eighty two°f /27°c and only approximately 20 inches of rain.


September is the hottest month in Bonaire with a mean temperature of 86°F/ 30°C. Mid-December to mid-April marks the islands high seasons with the most visitor and maximum motel charges.


Bonaire apartment is out of doors of the hurricane belt so it is a good opportunity in case you travel in the course of the Caribbean typhoon season and are concerned if one may effect your holiday.


Health and Safety

San Francisco Hospital is a 60 bed facility absolutely equipped to respond to any emergency. Divers wanting remedy for DCS will find it available from the emergency room.


The hyperbolic chamber is positioned subsequent to the health facility. You should also notify your dive insurance company. Air ambulances can evacuate patients needing higher level of care to other hospitals. The island does have some of medical doctors you could visit more much less than emergency room care. There are also a few pressing care centers.


Bonaire is considered safe with little crime. However, you are reminded that low crime does now not suggest no crime so take regular precautions.


If you are planning an upcoming dive experience or traveling to Bonaire, it’s miles a in reality top idea to put money into journey coverage for scuba diving, due to the fact you by no means recognize what should take place and while you would possibly want it (due to the fact injuries do manifest!). I endorse this diving insurance as they provide global coverage and awareness on imparting scuba divers a satisfactory coverage and medical assistance service.


Where is Bonaire placed in the international?

Bonaire is an island within the Leeward Antilles of the Caribbean. It is positioned about 50 miles/ eighty kilometers north of the coast of South America by Venezuela.


How to get to Bonaire?

Bonaire International Airport regionally called the Flamingo Airport is the prime gateway into the united states of america. While each day visitor arrive on cruise ships and some traveller arrive on non-public yachts the majority of traveller arrive by air.


The Bonaire International Airport gets international flights from close by islands and direct connections to the USA, Mexico, Central America and Europe. Most of the long haul connections are not to be had day by day.

Bonaire is a small united states of america and ninety% of Bonaire citizens live in Kralendijk the capital. There is not any public transportation device. Taxis are available.