Sunshine Gift Boxes – What’s the Hype all About?

What to Put in a Box of Sunshine

Don’t feel like the whole lot must be yellow. Anything shiny and cheery will do if you may’t find some thing yellow!

I might propose going to the Dollar Tree or Bullseye’s Playground at Target to find specific objects. There are continually fun matters you could get there which might be very budget-pleasant.


Juicy fruit would be a exquisite option – or you could simply get a few gumballs which might be yellow.

Yellow Candy

Candy such as Dots, Lemon-heads, Salt Water Taffy, Peeps, M&M’s, Butterfingers  and Sugar Daddy’s all boast colourful yellow wrappers and might be the appropriate addition!


I love having candles in my home. If you have a little better budget, you may even put in a candle warmer. custom gift box I endorse stocking up at Bath and Body Works whenever they’ve a candle sale (or simply getting certainly one of their smaller options if a sale isn’t going on!)


Hand lotion, frame lotion, face lotion…some thing a person else may revel in! Again – Bath and Body Works is a terrific place for lotion, mainly when there’s a sale.

Dish Towels

I love the choice that you can usually discover at Target in Bullseye’s Playground. They are continually definitely cute and seasonally suitable.


Think Vanilla Wafers, Lemon Oreos, or Honey  Graham Crackers- a short stroll down the cookie aisle and you are certain to locate some thing yellow.

You can also make your very own cookies in case you are feeling up for the undertaking! What Is A Box Of Sunshine?

Several months in the past, I acquired a sweet bundle in the mail from my sister-in-law. The contents of the field had been easy and a laugh and the whole lot in it was YELLOW. My pal included a be aware, along side a group of amazing chocolates, telling me she become sending me a box of light to brighten my day.

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