Is Bitcoin allowed in Dubai?

Limit Orders: Using limit orders, you can set the limit price for purchase or sale of cryptocurrencies. Essentially, limit orders are of two types: Buy limit order (for buying) and sell limit order (for selling). When you place a buy limit order, you define the maximum price you are willing to pay for a particular cryptocurrency, in which case your order may be fulfilled at that price point or less. On the other hand, with sell limit order, you define the minimum price for which you are willing to sell a cryptocurrency. In this case, your cryptocurrency would be sold at that price or higher.


Stop-limit Orders: Stop-limit orders are also of two types: Buy Bitcoin in Dubai Stop-limit order and Sell Stop-limit order. A stop limit order is effective when a trader is unable to constantly monitor the market. In case of a stop-limit order, your order is sent to the open order book only when the stop price is touched or crossed. FYI, an open order book is a list where all the active order requested by buyers and sellers can be seen. The most recently executed order determines the market price of Bitcoin in AED and same goes for other cryptocurrencies.


Bracket Orders: Bracket Orders allow traders to fix the entry, exit and stop-limit price, which helps a trader avoid making bad trade decisions due to fear, uncertainty, and doubt (FUD). There are two types of bracket orders as well: buy side bracket order that starts with purchase and ends on sale of cryptocurrencies, and sell side bracket order that starts with sale and ends on purchase of cryptocurrencies


Why Should You Buy Bitcoin in Dubai?

The Middle East countries, especially UAE, highly appreciate Bitcoin and the technology behind it – Blockchain. Bitcoin is a leading cryptocurrency and the first to launch. The whole crypto market revolves around Bitcoin and it will always be the backbone of blockchain industry. Here are the reasons to buy Bitcoin in Dubai.


Use and adoption is increasing

Some stores are accepting as a payment method

Can be stored to protect against inflation

It is the cheapest way to transfer money abroad

Can be donated to charity for people in need


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