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Hyperbaric oxygen remedy is defined through the Undersea and Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS) as a treatment wherein a affected person intermittently breathes one hundred% oxygen while the remedy chamber is pressurized to a pressure extra than sea stage (1 ecosystem absolute, ATA).1 The pressure increase need to be systemic, and may be applied in monoplace (unmarried individual) or multiplace chambers. Multiplace chambers are pressurized with air, used hyperbaric chamber for sale with oxygen given through face-masks, hood tent or endotracheal tube; while monoplace chambers are pressurized with oxygen.

We started out by way of acquiring the maximum current UHMS committee document,1 and completed Medline searches (1966 to provide), with the search phrases ‘hyperbaric’ and ‘oxygen’, combining this fundamental seek with searches for every of the thirteen symptoms advocated via the UHMS. Using statistics from those papers, and the resulting references, this paper outlines the records, body structure, modern indications for and consequences of hyperbaric oxygen therapy. Hyperbaric therapy changed into first documented in 1662, when Henshaw constructed the first hyperbaric chamber, or ‘domicilium’.2 Since this time, reports of beneficial outcomes from extended stress have elevated, and with the aid of 1877, chambers have been used extensively for plenty conditions, although there has been little clinical purpose or evidence. In 1879, the surgical utility of hyperbaric therapy in prolonging secure anaesthesia became realized and explored.Three

In 1927, Cunningham4 mentioned development in circulatory disorders at sea level and deterioration at altitude, and a affected person who turned into thankful to Cunningham for his restoration after HBO treatment, built the big ‘metallic ball sanatorium’ chamber, but this become closed when Cunningham failed to produce evidence for its use. Early chambers used compressed air in preference to oxygen, due to early reviews of oxygen toxicity.5 Drager became the first to discover the use of pressurized oxygen in decompression sickness, and his protocols have been placed into exercise with the aid of Behnke and Shaw in the overdue Nineteen Thirties.6

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