How To Make A Seriously Easy Balloon Garland?

Making a balloon garland is an smooth way to feature pizazz on your party decor. Balloon garlands look beautiful but they’re instead clean and short to make — you could make a balloon arch in about an hour or  relying on its period. Balloon arches make a high-quality photograph backdrop for birthdays and child showers, and because there’s no helium you may lead them to in advance of your celebration.


I’ll be sincere – I changed into simply intimidated at the begin to make a balloon garland so I spent way too much time looking a group of YouTube tutorials and studying strategies. I summarized under what I discovered to help prevent time. I’ll display the manner to prepare a easy balloon garland, answer a few common questions, and percentage pointers for novices.


Balloon garlands supply masses of bang for the buck. This entire arch most effective cost me just $sixteen to make!


Pastel balloon garland for a Unicorn & Rainbows celebration difficulty count number

This quite pastel balloon garland for a unicorn theme party is my first balloon garland. I can’t recollect how smooth it became to prepare! I endorse, it turned into in fact wonderful smooth, and the children helped. Elise referred to as her unicorn balloon garland a ‘Unicorn Mane’ as it flows down the wall. It made this type of excellent picture backdrop for her birthday!


Keep reading to look the way to make your very own balloon arch together with assets, a manner to use the plastic decorating strip, the manner to attach the balloon arch to the wall, and tips for beginners.


Balloon Garland DIY Supplies List

Here’s what you need to make your balloon arch in your birthday celebration, commencement, or toddler shower:





Balloon garland bundle

Balloon garland kits are available so many colors and commonly consist of Balloons, a plastic redecorating strip and glue dots, and a balloon tie tool to assist preserve your hands from getting sore. And effective, you can purchase all of those gadgets one after the alternative however if you’re a newbie making your first garland then a balloon garland kit is going to save every time and money. After you’ve made your first balloon arch and want to make extra (and you can) then you could go ahead and buy balloons, plastic decorating strip, and glue dots one at a time. You’ll need three sizes of balloons for evaluation.

Pull the knot of the balloon absolutely thru the adorning strip. Be nice that you’ve pulled the complete knot thru the hole in place of without a doubt the unfastened prevent.One of the awesome YouTube tutorials that I watched endorsed attaching most effective medium and large balloons to the redecorating strip and attaching all of the 5″ balloons the usage of glue dots. I can see how this would paintings nicely with indoor balloon arches, but for outside garlands, it is probably amazing to connect most (if not all) balloons securely to the redecorating strip in order that they don’t fly away.

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