Do DPF Cleaners Really Work?

What is dpf

The stress sensor measures the difference in stress most of the inlet and the hole of the DPF, the distinction in pressure similar to the diploma of saturation within the clear out. The extra the filter is clogged, the better the voltage (in volts) transmitted thru the sensor to the ECU. At a selected voltage, corresponding to the amount of carbon particles (grams), the ECU will activate compelled regeneration of the DPF by using the usage of raising the temperature of the exhaust gasoline to 1020°F/1200°F.

To benefit this increase in temperature, the ECU will carry out several moves:

Regulating the glide of air via the digital throttle control (ETC).

Deactivating the EGR valve from recycling exhaust gases so one can boom the combustion temperature.

Triggering a first put up-injection following the foremost injection so that it will growth the combustion temperature.

Triggering a 2nd placed up-injection, inflicting the unburned gas to evaporate in the combustion chamber. The unburned hydrocarbons are oxidized by way of the vapor in the catalyst converter. The heat generated in the course of this level can acquire temperatures of 1140°F inside the DPF.

The transmitter signal, located upstream of the DPF, is utilized by the ECU to decide the amount of gasoline to be injected within the second put up-injection.

On very brief drives, it is not possible to reach the temperature had to regenerate the DPF. If the saturation stage reaches a threshold of 24 grams, the indicator lighting fixtures on the DPF will cluster.

This signal prompts the cause pressure to carry out a regeneration direction; that is, to run the automobile at immoderate speeds over a fantastic distance that permits you to attain temperatures sufficient for the regeneration of the DPF.

Regen run large

Manual regeneration

If the forced regeneration isn’t always a success and saturation has handed the edge to a degree of 40 grams, in addition to the appearance of the glow plug and engine light caution signs (see below), it’s far vital for the driver to take the vehicle to the dealership or a garage.

In this example, active regeneration is blocked through the ECU on the way to prevent degradation of the clean out. clean dpf At this aspect, the DPF must be regenerated in a storage by using skilled technicians.

In this situation, active regeneration is blocked with the useful resource of the ECU at the manner to prevent degradation of the clear out. At this point, the DPF must be regenerated in a storage via experienced technicians.

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