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As with everyday cat treats, these meals have to not exceed extra than 10 percent of your cat’s daily caloric intake.


Can Cats Drink Milk?

Unless your cat changed into raised on milk and has continued drinking it into adulthood, they shouldn’t drink milk—whilst a treat. Without adequate lactase enzymes, milk can cause digestive upset.


What Do Cats Love to Eat?

Cats love thrilling flavors and textures. They’re obviously adventurous eaters, that may mean they’ll try and consume things they shouldn’t. Raw or undercooked meat, fish and eggs are tempting to cats, but they pose a danger of foodborne illnesses or parasites and have to be prevented.


Keep meat and fish with bones out of attain. The bones can motive severe harm to a cat’s mouth, throat or intestines.


What if a Cat is a Picky Eater?

You might imagine your cat is a choosy eater. In truth, they may be bored. You can satisfy your cat’s preference for range by means of introducing new flavors and textures of meals frequently.


Figuring Out What Foods Your Cat Loves

There are a number of alternatives with regards to feeding your cat. You can choose from dry or wet cat food—or a mix of the 2—and you could upload broths, creamy toppers and extra to spice things up.


We allow you to find the proper food primarily based on your cat’s unique nutritional desires and options.


Our Pet Expertise web page has greater guidelines on cat nutrition and feeding from our specialists.


Cats require strangely excessive tiers of protein in their diets in addition to different particular nutrients.  All those vitamins are to be had simplest in meat but don’t give her raw meat or permit her consume human food. It’s certain to be too wealthy, or maybe poisonous, for her.

طعام قطط need high best, nicely-balanced cat food within the proper amount to keep premiere body weight and situation and domestic meals, until formulated via a vet, does not meet all her desires.

You have the selection of feeding her best dry cat meals or wet food or a mixture of each.  Gravy primarily based food like Whiskas® Wet pouches are in particular palatable and cats adore it.

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