A Detailed Comparison Of Indian and Chinese Granite

Indian Stones that Resemble Chinese Granite

You don’t need to lose your heart if you would like to have Chinese granite options, as properly. Because Indian granite additionally has a few sorts offered that serve as higher substitutes than Chinese granite. Madhav is a top provider of south Indian granite stones. To recognise what makes us quality in element, check this distinct blog on Madhav Marbles & Granite: Top Manufacturer And Supplier Of South Indian Granite. Here are the top 3 alternatives with the intention to cheer up the admirers of chinese granite.


  1. Black Pearl Granite

Black Pearl amongst Indian granite stones gives a difficult competition to China’s bestseller, Pearl Black granite. Its beautiful silver veining highlighted over a backdrop gives Black Pearl an even higher appearance and proved to be stylish both for indoors and exterior decor.


When established into kitchen counter tops, floor tiles, or conceitedness units, this fine complements the mild-toned interiors. People often prefer Black Pearl granite for lawn edging that accentuates the plant life even higher.


Black Pearl Granite

  1. Meera White

Another name among Indian granite stones that is leaving behind the Chinese granite is Meera White granite. Whether you’re searching out a granite variety that uplifts your area or provides an fashionable touch for your workspace, it works the nice.


Hence, to create a fascinating and inviting environment with Indian granite to your residential or commercial decor, appearance no similarly than Meera White.


3. New Imperial Red

One of the maximum colourful and flexible Indian granite stones, which the designers and architects choose is the New Imperial Red. It comes in a brown coloration as its base, fused with crimson and peach-coloured speckles. Furthermore, it consists of deep crimson, brown, and black granules that make its look even greater appealing.


Its extreme durability together with enthralling colors makes it a favored desire over Chinese granite. Moreover, its simplicity in conjunction with beauty makes it stand out in the crowd.


New Imperial Red Granite

Madhav Marbles – The Best Granite Exporter

Madhav Marbles has been inside the business of exporting noticeably superb Indian granite seeing that 1989, which makes us a relied on supplier. We agree with in providing the maximum pleasure to our customers, via offering quality granite to fulfill their expectations, in terms of aesthetics and sturdiness.


Besides the above-stated Indian granite stones, we have many greater, like Imperial White, Colonial Gold, and many others., that may win over Chinese granite.


China Granite

China granites are well-known granite substances for constructing, landsacping and ornament, Chinese granite merchandise are very famous in many nations all over the global.


China Granite Colors: China Black Granite, China White Granite, China Red Granite, China Blue Granite, China Green Granite, China Yellow Granite, China Grey Granite, China Pink Granite and so on. Chinese granite Shanxi Black is absolutely the black granite and it is one of the hardest granites.

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